“At the end of the day your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling”

Enclosed by majestic Etruscan walls, Cortona holds within its narrow streets precious traces of a millenary history. The history of an inspiring and lively town which has been fascinating travelers through all times.

The stunning architecture, churches and museums boast a multitude of small treasures and great works of art. You may enjoy the genuine trattorias and restaurants, wine shops and coffee bars. Admire the view from Piazza Garibaldi, breathtaking.

The town is a perfect melding between past and present: besides the monuments and narrow winding streets, Cortona offers unique cultural events, shows and exhibitions for all tastes.

Famous for being the home of Frances Meyes and her “Under The Tuscan Sun” bestseller (and movie!), Cortona is a magical destination, where you encounter people from all over the world and you feel and live a strong sense of community.

Whether it’s the view of the valley on a rainy, sunny or foggy day, a new restaurant to try, a colorful wedding on the townhall stairs, the unexpected concert on a summer night… Cortona is meant to be discovered again and again every time you visit (or maybe you’ll want to live here!)…

I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Cortona: a life-lasting love

Nice to meet you!

My name is Serena and Cortona is my town, where I was born and raised and where I decided to live.

This blog was born from the urgency of sharing the magic I feel everyday that I walk, work, breathe in the atmosphere of the historic town center.

I feel the stories of the people that lived here before me and I see a lively town that needs to be discovered in its hidden corners, unique views and old secrets.

I consider Cortona a slow destination, because you can only feel the magic if you wander around, get to talk to people, explore the events around the area, get lost…  This is my personal blog about living here all year round and sharing the experiences, the history, curiosities and places I love.

Keep reading and enjoy the atmosphere!