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Baci From Cortona Photo Exhibition

8 June 2019 @ 8:00 29 September 2019 @ 20:00

Baci from Cortona

Photo exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the University of Georgia study abroad program in Cortona

This is the photo story of an important relationship, the one between the people from Cortona and the students of the University of Georgia. The program and campus was founded 50 years ago and since then has left a deep mark in Cortona’s culture and in the life of those who have spent a few months studying here.

The exhibition “Baci from Cortona” displays personal photographs and memories that were collected through an open-call. Cortonesi and Americans sent their images and stories to Cortona On The Move (the organizer) and the result is a beautiful, emotional potrait of a rich and lively relationship.

Displayed open air in the Parterre Gardens.

UGA cortona 50th anniversary
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