Events in Cortona in 2022

Finally! The pandemic seems to be winding down, two years have passed and in Cortona we are ready to live a tourist season in full swing again! This is my article about Spring and Summer 2022 events in Cortona.
As usual, events are quite scattered around and, sometimes, still announced last minute. I’m going to write a list here for you and keep it updated as soon as I know what’s going on in Cortona and surroundings.

If you plan to visit this Summer, keep following me, visit this page again and again, and contact me if you want for more information or tips!

2022 Events in Cortona

* updated May 19

  • Flowers and copper-ware fair – April 30-May 1.

Traditional open air market in Piazza Signorelli, one of the first events officially celebrating Spring.

  • Historical parade and wax offering to Santa Margherita – May 21.

Historical parade from the main square all the way up to Santa Margherita Church to offer candles to the Saint.

  • Medieval week – June 2-5

A few “Medieval-style” events anticipating the Archidado Joust (happening the following week). It will include an open air market and street shows for kids.

  • Archidado Joust, historical reenactment – June 10, 11, 12

After a two year break, the town celebrates again the marriage of Francesco Casali and Antonia Salimbeni, the town’s noble rulers in Medieval times. For the event, back in the days, they held a crossbow tournament and today there is a three-day event of historical reenactment. The event is called Archidado and includes costume parades and a true crossbow competition. All dressed up in Medieval costumes, people from Cortona compete in a Medieval challenge between the town’s neighborhoods. The event includes drums and flag-flying shows. A must-see.

  • Nume Festival, classical music concerts – June 8, 11, 12

Remembering the good old times of the Tuscan Sun Festival, a few classical concerts will revive this Summer in Cortona. Teatro Signorelli is the location of NUME Festival concerts. Dates: violinist Stella Chen on June 8 at 9PM, cellist Alban Gerhardt on June 11 at 9PM and Belcea Quartet on June 12 at 6PM. More info on Facebook here.

  • Sacred Music Festival – July 2-9

This festival usually offers choir concerts, chamber orchestras, organ concerts and Gregorian chants. Locations and program to be announced. Usually they held concerts in different churches like San Domenico, Santa Margherita, San Francesco, the Cathedral and Le Celle hermitage.

  • Cortona On The Move 2022, “Me, Myself, and Eye”- July 14 through October 2

International photo festival with amazing locations in hidden and abandoned places of Cortona. Highly recommended! Visit the official website of the festival

  • Kilowatt Festival – July 20-24

For the first time in Cortona, this festival is about live performances, theater, dance, circus arts, and music. Locations will be Piazza del Duomo, Sant’Agostino, and Signorelli theater.

  • Cortonantiquaria – August 20 to September 4

Traditional trade show of antiques, now at Sant’Agostino conference center. Here you can find stunning antique furniture, decor, paintings, and other special pieces from Italian collectors. Side events (likely classical concerts) will be also organized.

  • Cortonart – September 9-11

Food trucks and buskers at the Parterre gardens. Italian regional specialties in a very informal and festive setting!

More events not to miss in the surroundings of Cortona

  • Carnevale di Foiano Summer Edition – June 5, 11, 12, 19

Carnival is usually celebrated in February. But because of the pandemic it didn’t happen for two years. So now they exceptionally moved all the fun to the Summer, for a special edition of Carnevale di Foiano. It is a speciao carnaval parade in the nearby town of Foiano della Chiana (about 20 minutes drive from Cortona). This Carnevale is said to be the oldest in Italy, with beautiful, giant carts that are built by local people over months. The parade is spectacular and there is a very fun atmosphere… I’m not sure what a Summer Carnevale will look like but you don’t want to miss it!

  • Festa Medievale Biancoazzurra Castiglion Fiorentino – May 27-29, June 1-5

A great Medieval Festival in the nearby town of Castiglion Fiorentino. At sunset, the square under the town’s castle comes to life and transports you back to the past. Every detail is in medieval style: street artists, a medieval market, and, of course, wooden stalls serving street food and local wine.

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