What do to in Cortona: 2021 Summer Events

It is that time of the year again! If you are planning your next trip to Cortona, Italy, this is my newest article about what to do in the summer in Cortona. The town is getting ready to celebrate the warmest season and slowly going back to normal life. So, like every year, here is my post about Summer events! 

As always, events are quite scattered around and I’m going to gather them here for you. I will update this article as soon as more events are announced. 

List of Summer Events in Cortona

° updated May 26 °

  • Cortona in Fiore, May 30

A one-day trade show of local florists and garden centers that will be selling plants, flowers and decorations in Cortona main squares. 

  • Photo exhibition “I Borghi della Montagna Cortonese” until June 13

An exhibition with new and up to 40-years-old photos of the mountains above Cortona, including landscapes, villages and people. The location is the old cellar and stable rooms of Palazzo Ferretti. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the local photo club Etruria. 

  • Luci dalle tenebre, exhibition at MAEC Archaeological Museum

An important exhibition based on the concept of lighting systems and objects in the Etruscan and Roman civilizations. Featuring unique pieces coming from the MANN museum of Naples and Pompei. 

  • Millemiglia 2021, June 18

Check point in Cortona of the most popular Italian vintage car race. More details to be announced.

  • La Colonna della Libertà, June 18-19-20

Parade of historical military vehicles celebrating the liberation of Italy from Nazifascism. 

  • Cortona On The Move 2021, “We are humans” – July 15 through October 3

International photo festival with amazing locations in hidden and abandoned places of Cortona. This year the theme of the exhibitions is “We are humans”: a tribute to the ordinary and extraordinary aspects of the human being between intimate and public dimension. 

  • CortonAntiquaria, August 21 to September 5

Annual exhibition and trade show of antiques (furniture and decor) with vendors from all over Italy and some European guests. 

  • Il Gran Premio Nuvolari, September 18

Check point of another famous vintage car race. 

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