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cortonaantiquaria 2019
What to do in Cortona in September

Cortona in September is magical, the streets are bustling with people, enjoying the last few days of summer heat. If you are wandering what to do in Cortona this month and what…

Cortona ceramics sunflower
The story of Cortona ceramics

The green and brown sunflower today and the XIX century fine ceramics by Catrosse Cortona has a long history of ceramics production. How many towns can boast of having a unique decoration,…

cortona jazz festival
What to do in August in Cortona, Italy
All the events in one place, from Sagre to Small Music Festivals! August is a unique month in Italy - everyone is taking vacations and big cities are half empty, especially around…
bramasole cortona
How to get to Bramasole
This a common question in Cortona: where is Under the Tuscan Sun house? Good news. The famous house from the book “Under The Tuscan Sun” by Frances Mayes is within walking distance…
What to do in June in Cortona
What to do in June in Cortona? Medieval events and “sagre” food festivals are the highlights of this month in the twon of Under the Tuscan Sun. June is definitely the month…

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