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My Cortona Guide. Traditions, Tips and Hidden Corners, told by a Local.

Cortona Parterre
Free things to do in Cortona Italy
Visiting Cortona Italy –if you come from the other side of the world– may be expensive but there are definitely a few things that are priceless. These are simple activities, completely free,…
Cortona Mix Festival
Summer events in Cortona (year 2019)
Besides lovely streets, incredible art, architecture and views, Cortona offers many entertaining events which make the town one the best destinations to visit in Tuscany. Especially Summer events in Cortona can be…
archaeological park Cortona
Who were the Etruscans?
Small story of the Etruscans, a mysterious population, and Etruscans in Cortona - their importance for the Tuscan town If you have ever visited Cortona, or if you plan to, you surely…
Cortona parking
Where to park in Cortona
If you are driving through Tuscany or you have rented a car, your first question might be "where to park in Cortona?". That is a very good question. Cortona can be quite…

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