What to do this February in Cortona, Italy (2019)

This February in Cortona (and in Italy, in general) the weather has been really warm and it almost feels like early Spring. Definitely alarming thinking about climate change, but really enjoyable if you want to stroll around the town and the surrounding hills.

Saint Margaret from Cortona, in February we celebrate our Saint

Talking about February in Cortona, the first thing that comes to my mind is Santa Margherita, the festivity of the patron Saint of Cortona. It is celebrated on February 22 at the Sanctuary. I wrote a blog post last year on the festivity, read it here. It is a genuine, “simple” event – definitely worth going if you are in town as it is a true “Cortonese” experience. Go see the Sanit’s body, light up a candle and enjoy a porchetta sandwich or some candies.

February in Cortona is also Carnival – check the nearby Carnevale di Foiano!

Also, February is the month of Carnival. Every Sunday in the nearby town of Foiano della Chiana there is a magnificent Carnevale. It is said to be the oldest in Italy, with beautiful, giant carts. It is only 20 minutes drive from Cortona. The parade is spectacular and there is a very fun atmosphere. You can’t miss it! Here is their official website and a nice promotional video:

✦♢ Carnevale di Foiano 2020 ♢✦ 2-9-16-23 Febbraio / 1 Marzo

Walking around the hills, this February in Cortona

If you are into sports or nature walks in general, this month is perfect to go outside and enjoy the views over the valley. Looking at official events, the Cortona Trail is on schedule. This is a race on the mountains above Corona, on Sunday the 16th. It is a competitive race of 15, 24 or 46 km. But they also organize a 10km non-competitive walk open to the public. You must sign up on the morning to go with them, the route is for sure a panoramic one!

And Cortona Jazz concerts are back!

Finally, this month a pleasant surprise: the Cortona Jazz Club is back! Like last year, a series of small jazz concerts will animate Cortona’s winter. Some bars and restaurants will be hosting these events on Fridays. This month the concerts are on February 7 at the new Sottovoce Café and February 21 at Il Cacciatore restaurant. For more info and dates click here: https://www.cortonajazz.org/side-project/jazz-club/#cjc20.